Synthetic Grass

Green durable grass all year round

Carpet Brokers supplies synthetic leisure grass and durable sports grasses. Train, play and enjoy green grass all year round. No need to cut or maintain your lawn. The best water  saving initiative. Carpet Brokers suppliers synthetic leisure grass and durable sports grasses.
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Belogotex - Grass

Belgotex manufactures its grass locally. Maintaining the highest standards and creating a product that can handle the strong South African sun.
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Van Dyck - Grass

Also a large Grass manufacturer producing an excellent life like grass product.
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Sports and Recreational Grass

Using synthetic grass for sports and recreational areas is a win. Less maintenance costs and a great looking green area all year round.
Van Dyck - Easi Soccer

Van Dyck - Easi-Sport

Belgotex - Sports Turf Website