Value Retention, Care and Cleaning

In order that your Kaindl Laminate Flooring might continue to give you pleasure for a very long time to come, we would ask that you note the following points:

  1. Kaindl Laminate Flooring is extremely hygienic and very easy to look after.

  2. For everyday cleaning purposes, it is sufficient to vacuum clean the floor or sweep it with a soft broom.

  3. Footmarks and clinging dirt, can be readily cleaned off with a damp cloth.
    However, only use a well wrung out almost dry cloth. Under no circumstances should the floor be cleaned with a soaking wet cloth or mopped.

  4. Any ordinary household cleaning products may be used for cleaning purposes.
    However, on no account should abrasive cleaning agents, waxes, oils, polish or other film-forming
    floorcare agents, be applied to laminate flooring.

  5. More serious contamination and stubborn stains can be easily removed with acetone or other alcohol-based solvents.
    Important: Only apply spot-wise!

  6. For everyday cleaning purposes we recommend that you use Kaindl Cleaner.

  7. To prevent the ingress of dirt, we suggest that you place doormats at entrance doors.
    To prevent scratching you should fit felt gliders to the feet of furniture items.
    Rolling furniture should be fitted with soft rubber chair castors.

  8. In order to avoid severe drying out of Kaindl Laminate Flooring during the dry season you should ensure that the room temperature
    does not exceed 20-22 degrees C and that the relative humidity is constantly around 50-60%.
    In the interests of maintaining this ideal climate we recommend the use of on electric air humidifier during the dry season.

The formation of gaps in the flooring must be expected in the event of failure to maintain the recommended relative humidity level (particularly during the dry season).

What to do in case of damage:

Minor damage such as chips or impressions can be readily repaired with Colorfill filler by matching the shade.
The quality of the flooring will not be impaired in any way as a result.

You can obtain Colorfill Repair Filler from your Kaindl Laminate Flooring dealer.

On the other hand, the task of repairing more serious damage should be left to a qualified tradesman, please refer to your installer for more information.


No wet cleaning. Use felt protector for furniture feet. Check for optimum room climate.

The Kaindl laminate floor is very hygienic and easy to care for. Please, however, give the following rules your attention: For daily care, sweeping or vacuuming will be sufficient. Footprints and dirt can easily be removed with damp cloth. Please use a well-wrung out damp cloth. Under no circumstances should the floor be cleaned with a wet cloth or mop or be soaked with liquid.

Hardened glue-residue can be removed with acetone or a special glue solvent. Usual household cleaners may be used, but please avoid scouring agents, wax or polish. For regular cleaning and preservation we recommend K-Floor Cleaner. Larger soiling and stubborn stains like paint, glue, nail varnish or oil, can easily be removed using acetone or any other alcohol containing solvents.

Put flower pots on water trays. Furniture legs should be fitted with felt gliding pad. Rollable furniture should have soft rubber rollers (type W) in accordance with DIN 12529.
Please place in areas exposed to mud e.g. the entrance dirt traps or mats. Cleaning zones must be installed in commercial use areas. (Minimum length 4m).

Dirt absorbing mats ensure that only an average amount of dirt comes on the floor. Dirt ingress e.g. fine minerals (little stones) damage your floor because they work like sand paper.
Thank you for choosing Kaindl flooring!